John Armstrong - Insurance

John Armstrong

Senior Account Executive

I am a Saskatchewan kid, the son of two teachers that taught in small towns for over 30 years!

I had the privilege of seeing my parents form long lasting mutually beneficial relationships with their former students and colleagues. I enjoyed reading the positive affect my mom and dad had on their students from letters they received at Christmas. I believe deep down I want that same affect with my clients and their families, a mutually beneficial relationship!

The insurance business has veered into a realm where everything is owned by a big corporation/conglomerate the people making the money (lots of it) don’t even know their companies clients. I started in the industry with the aspiration of owning a family run insurance brokerage firm. A company that knew and cared for their clients and wanted to serve in a way that is unique and helpful in growing my clients businesses with confidence.

I have spent 30 plus years in the general insurance business receiving a well-rounded education in all facets of the industry (claims, underwriting, business development) I want to bring that experience to my clientele. I have also spent 15 plus years in the life, corporate benefits and business transition area utilizing my contacts in the industry and my own experience to offer the best in this field as well.

I offer holistic risk management coaching strategies to a select number of SME’s in Alberta that have an interest in building a long lasting mutually beneficial relationships that help grow and protect their businesses.