Monica Candia Bodger Insurance

Monica Candia Bodger

Senior Account Executive
Lower Mainland​

Monica Candia Bodger joined Central Agencies as a producer in summer of 2018. She obtained her Level 1 license in the spring of 2014 and continued on to achieve her Level 2 in early 2017.She is still honing her niche market, and is looking to further her knowledge in the business commercial sector of the insurance industry. Monica currently services clientele throughout the province in Home, Auto and Business insurance. Since becoming a mom and understanding how challenging it can be to raise a family while working, she has since established herself as the “go to insurance mom” in her communities. Monica aims to provide a convenient remote service and strives to make insurance as seamless as possible for her clients. She has previously held positions at ICBC and the insurance division of a large Canadian financial institution.

Having this background has been helpful in her endeavors as she has been accustomed to “seeing the other side” of the industry and see the matters of auto, property and casualty claims unfold from beginning to end. Married in 2016 and a daughter born in early 2017, life has shifted in many ways. New experiences, challenges and goals are all on the horizon. Alongside her business…Monica enjoys golfing, travelling, cooking, sipping red wine on a patio and overall just spending time with her family and friends.