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Cost and depreciation

Did you know the moment you drive a new car off the sales lot it depreciates in value? If you are in a total loss accident, your basic insurance will only pay you the fair market value of your vehicle at the time of the accident. Often, this amount is thousands less than the purchase price of the car. We want to help you protect your investment, by providing you with Replacement Cost and Limited Depreciation Coverage. In a total loss accident, these additional coverages will act to cover the difference between what you paid for the vehicle and the amount your basic autoplan will pay.

To offer this type of policy, we have partnered with Optiom Inc., and the coverage includes: Full replacement cost on newer vehicles less than 15,000 km, Enhanced Limited Depreciation on older vehicles – vehicles up to 5 model years, or newer with more than 15,000 Km, New Genuine Body Parts for vehicles up to 3 years, Deductible reimbursement, up to $500.00 for a Total Loss Claim, up to $250.00 for a Partial Loss Claim, No limit on number of Partial Loss claims and Loss of Use Extension.

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