Personal Insurance

We are an insurance company that focuses on building long-term relationships with you. We get to know you to understand your specific personal insurance needs and ensure you and your family are protected in all aspects of your life. We provide you with an insurance policy and a wide range of choices, comparing all your personal property like your Home, Condo, Tenant, Seasonal or Rental options. We truly care and are dedicated to giving you our best.


Homeowner Insurance

For most people, their home is their most valuable asset. Insurance is critical, that’s why our risk advisors are committed to finding you the most comprehensive coverage at a competitive premium. We value choice and we are able to give you a multitude of homeowner insurance options and quotes.


Condominium Insurance

Although your strata corporation secures coverage for the building; it does not cover your personal contents, unit improvements or liability. Our agents will make sure you are covered by the most comprehensive policy available. In certain situations the condo owner can be responsible for the strata corporation’s water damage deductible if a water loss originates from the unit. This deductible can be as high as $100,000 or more. Our agents can discuss this exposure as well as others and offer a solution.


Tenants Insurance

You still need protection even if you are renting your residence. Your personal contents are not covered by your landlord’s insurance policy. You need your own insurance policy to protect your personal contents and liability. Also, if you need to find temporary accommodation as a result of an insured loss, additional living expenses will cover these unforeseen costs.



Investment properties require specific coverage. Tenant vandalism is an unforeseen possibility as well as water damage and fires. Our agents will recommend adequate building, content and rental income limits. We highly recommend tenants obtain their own insurance. Common types of Landlord/Rental Insurance include: Rented Dwelling, Rented Condo and AirBnB rentals.


Seasonal Insurance

Relax knowing you have the right insurance on your home away from home. Whether it’s a log cabin in the woods, waterfront cottage, or a getaway condo on a golf course. We will make sure you have the right coverage in place.


This liability coverage applies worldwide and supplements the required primary coverage on automobile policies. It is also a supplement to your personal liability coverage under your home insurance policy as well as watercraft liability coverage for boat owners.


Endorsements are optional coverages or changes to your policy that increase your insurance coverage or provide an additional benefit to you.

  • Bylaws Endorsement
  • Sewer Back-up Coverage Endorsement
  • Overland Water Endorsement
  • Home Based Business Endorsement
  • Scheduled Personal Articles Endorsement
  • Increased Jewellery Endorsement
  • Home Business Extension of Coverage
  • Glass Breakage Deductible Form
  • Earthquake Coverage
  • Identity Theft Expense Endorsement
  • Claims Free Forgiveness/Protection
  • Service Line Endorsement
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It depends on the type of home you live in. If you own a house, your property insurance will cover the house itself and detached structures like a fence or storage shed.
Your insurance will also cover personal belongings such as jewellery, artwork, furniture, computers, carpets and more.
Finally, your policy also includes third-party liability coverage. This protects you against personal liability if somebody is injured while on your property or if you accidentally cause damage to a neighbour’s property.

Your coverage should begin as soon as you become the legal owner or tenant, even if your home or condo unit is still being built.

  • All Perils protects your insured property against the widest range of risks and only excludes the perils specifically listed in your policy.
  • Specified Perils protects your insured property against the most common risks, which will be listed in your policy.

The owner of the property you’re renting almost certainly has insurance on the building itself. They may also have coverage for certain items inside your rental unit, such as the carpets, light fittings and appliances. So you may wonder why you need coverage too.

Here are two excellent reasons:

  • Your landlord’s insurance will not cover your personal belongings. Your jewellery, artwork, furniture, entertainment equipment and other valuable belongings will not be protected.
  • You also need to protect yourself against personal liability for injuries to visitors to your home or for damage you accidentally cause to a neighbours’ property.

Your condominium corporation has insurance, so you may wonder why you need your own coverage.

Here are three excellent reasons:

  • Your condominium corporation’s policy will not cover your personal belongings. Your jewellery, artwork, furniture, entertainment equipment and other valuable belongings will not be protected.
  • Your condominium corporation’s policy only covers items that are part of the building. You need your own insurance to protect the upgrades you have made inside your unit, such as better carpets and built-in cupboards.
  • Finally, you need to protect yourself against personal liability for injuries to visitors to your home or for damage you accidentally cause to a neighbours’ property.

The liability coverage included in a homeowners, condo or tenant insurance plan protects you financially if you unintentionally cause bodily injury or property damage to others—at your home or anywhere in the world. For example:

  • A babysitter slips on a spill on your kitchen floor and injures her back.
  • Your toaster oven catches fire, damaging your home/unit and part of your neighbour’s home/unit.
  • You throw a baseball on the beach while on vacation in Florida and you accidentally knock out a bystander’s tooth.

Insurance coverage for water damage depends on a number of things, like where you live and how your home was constructed. Insurance for some types of water damage may be included automatically in your policy, and some may need to be purchased as extra.

Examples of causes of water damage that aren’t covered under most standard home insurance plans are flooding and seepage:

  • Flooding results in damage from water that flows into your home from natural sources like lakes and rivers, or large amounts of pooled water.
  • Seepage refers to the slow movement of water or other fluid through small openings, cracks or pores in your home.

Causes of water damage that are usually covered by most standard home insurance plans (or can be added by endorsement) include:

  • Sewer back-up: Water is forced through the sewer system back into your home, or your sump pump fails. (Sewer back-up can be added by endorsement)
  • Water Escape: This covers water damage that may be caused when your bath or sink overflows or a pipe or hose inside your house breaks.

Most property insurance will protect your belongings when you travel. For example, if your luggage is stolen from a hotel room or your car, you may be covered for the loss.

Remodeling your home may change the valuation placed on your property. If you build a major addition or swimming pool, you will need to update your insurance policy.

Overland water is fresh water that accumulates on land which is usually dry, resulting from torrential rain or snow melt or the overflow of lakes, streams and rivers.

We’ve made the Overland Water endorsement available for purchase in response to the effects of changing weather patterns and the increasing number of severe storm events that often cause property damage.

If you purchase this additional protection, you will have coverage for damage caused by overland water entering your property from torrential rains, rapid snow melt, or overflow of lakes, streams and rivers. This includes coverage for loss or damage from the sudden and accidental entry of overland fresh water through foundations, basement walls or basement doors. This coverage is not included in the Sewer Back-up Coverage endorsement.

The Sewer Back-up Coverage endorsement also provides very important coverage. This includes the sudden and accidental backing up of water or sewage through:

  • Drains, waste and sewer pipes that are underground or outside the building
  • Septic tanks, septic systems or connected piping located outside the building
  • Retention tanks or holding ponds, sump pits, sump pumps and their attached piping or equipment
  • Eaves troughs or downspouts

This endorsement does not cover:

  • Damage from coastal flooding of salt water, including spray or storm surge
  • Seepage through basement walls, doors or foundations that is not caused by overland water
  • Loss or damage from water resulting from the intentional breaches of structures such as dams, dykes and levees


The deductible is the amount you must pay out-of-pocket for each claim before your insurance policy pays.

Deductibles are applied to all insurance policies. You may be eligible to increase or decrease your deductible amount, which may impact your insurance premium. Since the deductible amount is what you pay out-of-pocket for a claim, it is important you choose an amount that you can afford if you ever need to make a claim.

In most cases for property loss or damage, a deductible will apply. However, there are certain instances when you will not have to pay a deductible for property losses.