Robert (Bob) Beauvais CFP Life Insurance and Insurance Producer

Robert (Bob) Beauvais, CFP

Senior Account Executive
Vancouver Island

For many of us it takes time to find our own calling in Life.

It was no exception for Robert (Bob) Beauvais, CFP, CLU, CHFC who first navigated the Academic World from the University of Moncton as Assistant Professor to the University of Waterloo while undertaking his PhD and research in mathematics.

After emigrating from France in the late 60’s and his early beginnings on the Eastern and Central sides of Canada, he was somewhat lucky not to have a teaching post ready when he reached the West Coast in the late 70’s. Eager to get into activity without further delay, he joined the Insurance World which he discovered during his time in Waterloo, the area being the cradle of the Canadian Insurance Industry.

After spending a few years with a major Insurer, in the early 1980’s he started his own Agency in Victoria on Vancouver Island as a Life Insurance and Financial Broker, an innovation, as most of the Life Insurance business at the time was conducted through a single Company representation. He soon added the General Insurance side of the business expanding in the process his services to a loyal clientele.

With Technology in constant flux and reaching all fields, to-day it is crucial for the modern Broker to stay in sync with current developments.

By joining Central Agencies Ltd in 2018, Robert got the opportunity to stay at the forefront of the most sophisticated innovations in the Insurance Industry while getting access to a wide selection of Insurance writers. To his clients, this translates into an ultimate financial advantage and convenience. Through the use of advanced communication tools, removing in the process all geographical barriers, he can continue to work closely with his clients and assist them with thoughtful solutions to their everyday concerns.

Beside Insurance, his deep knowledge of many fields from Technical to Financial, makes him also a top choice to handle complicated endeavors on the Personal or Commercial side of the Insurance Industry.